60 mins - $69    90 mins - $109    120 mins - $149



​​Relaxes the mind, body & soul with long gliding techniques. Helps to improve circulation, stimulate lymph flow & assist in removing metabolic waste. It also helps to relieve soreness, enhance mental clarity and overall well being. The perfect massage for overall stress management!


A perfect balance between Relaxation & Deep Tissue massage. Effectively addresses muscle tension and knots while utilizing medium pressure. Promotes serotonin (balances mood) and increases blood flow. Trigger point, neuromuscular & myofascial techniques may be utilized. 

Deep Tissue 

(add $10) 

​​Relieves tension in deeper layers of muscle. A highly effective method for relieving chronic pain, muscle spasms and muscle tension. Your massage is conducive to your comfort level. Be sure to communicate with your pressure tolerance with your therapist. 

   Couples Massage 

 Select 2 services pricing varies:
60 mins -    90 mins -    120 mins - 
Couples Sessions may include Revive Custom Massage, Prenatal Massage or 2 Premium Massage service( 90 or 120 min.)

Relaxing Massage

Couples massage promotes bonding and reduces stress. Your couple's massage takes place side by side for the perfect opportunity to reconnect with your loved one. Select any combination of Relaxation, Therapeutic or Deep Tissue massage. Includes hot towels, therapeutic hot stones and sugar foot scrub. This service is not just for couples but can be utilized by any two people. 

 60 mins - $59 


Massage Therapy encourages strong mind & body awareness through experiencing safe therapeutic touch. Promotes healthy stress management and encourages positive body image. Massage may include light stretching. Massage for children helps strengthen muscles, improve blood flow and lymph circulation. Stimulates digestive system, improves coordination and overall development of a child. (Please note: child must be accompanying by parent/guardian during session.) Ages 5-13

 60 mins - $89     90 mins - $139

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Relieves many of the normal discomforts experienced during pregnancy. Beneficial in bringing forth balance with hormonal changes. Prenatal Massage can reduce anxiety, decrease depression, relieve muscle aches and joint pains, and improve labor outcomes and newborn health.

 Lymphatic Immune Boost


Extremely light pressure but very effective! Gentle massage treatment for inflammation, chronic pain, and deep relaxation. Stimulates the circulation of lymph fluid around the body which speeds up the removal of wastes and toxins from the lymphatic system. The ideal massage for edema, pre and post plastic surgery and post-liposuction. The lymphatic system runs very close to the surface of the skin so lymphatic drainage is painless and relaxing. Includes Our Signature Immune Boost Oil. 

Scar Tissue Therapy


Scar Tissue Therapy is a gentle and effective technique used to decrease discomfort, fascial adhesions, dark coloring or congestion of scar tissue. Scar Tissue Release Therapy is a gentle yet effective. In your session you may feel such sensations as a slight tugging or pressure as the scar tissue is released. Your therapist will communicate with you to ensure that you are comfortable. 

 90 mins - $159   120 mins - $219 

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Revive Rainforest Signature 

Join is for a unique experience on a journey to self-renewal! Our Signature massage begins with a stimulating scalp massage and ends with a restorative clay foot treatment. We utilize our warm handcrafted herbal infused oil which is removed with essential oil scented hot towels.

Hot Stone Massage

Heated stones are used during your massage to penetrate deeper into muscle fibers and release stress and tension. Benefits include increased circulation, relief from chronic pain and deep relaxation.

Organic Sugar Body Scrub

Designed to remove the dead skin cells, impurities and improve dry skin. This body treatment utilizes organic sugar and infused cold pressed oil. Your skin will be exfoliated, hydrated and restored! 


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Detox Clay



Hydrate Mask




scalp treatment


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Infrared Light



Hot Stone

back treatment


 Sore Muscle treatment